Arizona Overview

arizonaArizona is known for so many things: the weather, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Route 66, and Yuma, where all the snow birds, aka retirees, live. There is so much more to Arizona than the more popular, well known destinations.

Wine Country

Arizona has more vineyards and wineries than talked about.  Sonoita is a wine town in Southern Arizona, about an hour from Tucsan. It’s a popular spot for vacationers.  There is a dozen wineries between Sonoita and Elgin to stop to wine taste at.  The hillsides are beautiful, different from much of Arizona, making it prime real estate for vineyards.  The rolling hills are also home to catte herds and pronghorns.  You can purchase tickets for a wine tasting tour.


Willcox is another popular wine country stop.  It’s rumored the decades of ranching has made the soil incredible, creating some of the best wines.


Verde Valley Wine Trail is located in Northern Arizona.  It offers a taste experience with incredible views. You’ll sip wine looking out a beautiful red rock hills and canyons.




This is a hiker’s paradise, during the right months.  Arizona is hot!  So hot it’s made up of rock. These rock mountains, hills, valleys, and cliffs have created some of the most impressive views you will ever find.  Each view is different, depending on when you catch it.  A sunrise view is very different than a sunset view.


Check out Horseshoe Bend for one of the most bragged about views. It’s a shorter but difficult hike with no one complaining about having to do it.

Antelope Lower Canyon is near Horseshoe Bend.  The blending of the rock colors is just amazing.  The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world holds many hikes, guided and all on your own.

Sedona, one of the country’s undisputed beautiful areas has too many hikes to mention.  Even without hiking, the hills are incredible.

Amusement Parks

Williams is home to Bedrock City, where residents Fred and Wilma Flinstone live. Stop in for a quick stop before riding the Grand Canyon railway.


Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe is another fun place.  Most people head to Southern California for most play but Arizona can hold it’s own. One of the only franchise amusement parks in the state but a popular one.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Hoover Dam was finished in 1935 and deemed the world’s largest dam.  Built to slow the Colorado River at Lake Mead, it also was the country’s first nationally recognized recreation area. There is more outdoor water recreation than most realize. The Dam offers a lot of history while Lake Mead allows you to enjoy the hot Arizona sun.  Boats cover the lake while miles of shore are lined with people playing and splashing.
Arizona is so different than most of the country. The towns and cities bring a rich, old west meets modern world experience while the outdoors are rugged, wild, untamed and vast.  The entire state has something to see so let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of experience it yourself by contacting us here.