Explore the Grand Canyon, Arizona

grand canyon, arizonaDid you know that the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World?  Yes, it is one of seven of the world! How crazy is that? And it’s located right here in Arizona.  Both Nevada and Colorado like to claim it, but it’s really located right in Arizona. The canyon is 277 miles long. Just a short 4-hour drive from Scottsdale or a 45 minutes Helicopter ride from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon has a lot to offer photographers, hikers, and curious minds.


Ways to Explore


The Grand Canyon offers many different ways to explore its breathtaking views.  For those who are not afraid of heights or flying, you have the option of taking either a plane ride, balloon ride or even Helicopter rides over the canyon. You can also explore the Canyon floor by either walking, biking, hiking, or by taking a mule ride to the bottom. For those more adventurous they also offer river rafting tours which provides a wide variety of scenic views.


South Rim


The South Rim is about a four hour drive time north of Scottsdale and is where the main visitor center is located. The South Rim is open year round for those who are interested in traveling and exploring what it has to offer. There are numerous amounts of hiking trails and beautiful views of the canyon. Some of the most popular viewing spots are located at Mather Point, Hopi Point, and Ooh Ahh Point. But the most popular hiking trail is located in Bright Angel Trail. There is also a wide variety of attractions such as the Tusayan Museum, an IMAX theater, ranger led programs, shopping, food, and much more.


North Rim


For those of you interested in visiting the North Rim, be aware that it is only open from Mid-May to Mid-October. The North Rim offers a more peaceful experience to those looking at traveling and the nice part is, it’s only 6 ½ hours from Scottsdale, just a short drive longer past the South Rim. It too offers similar attractions such as its own visitor center, ranger led programs, food, lodge and campgrounds. The most popular viewpoint is Cape Royal.


West Rim


The West Rim is also open for traveling year round. The West side is not as busy as the South Rim but does get lots of visitors who are attracted to the Skywalk. If you’re afraid of heights, you might want to skip taking a walk out on the Skywalk as it is a horseshoe shape glass bridge that offers spectacular views 4,000 feet above the river bottom below.


The best time to explore the Grand Canyon is from Late Fall to early Spring when the temperatures are more welcoming for us visitors. Summer time the temperatures can get quite hot. Always remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing, especially if you’re looking at taking a hike down the trails. But don’t worry, if you forget something or run out, there are plenty of grocery stores, shops, and restaurants around. Just don’t forget your camera. This blog post featuring the Grand Canyon has been sponsored by Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning. Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning offers the cheapest carpet cleaning in Mesa AZ so be sure to give them a call when you need your carpets cleaned!